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Your Trusted Cleanroom Partner

Our parent company was established in 1959 to cater to the rapidly expanding aerospace industry. Since then, we have a proud heritage of providing innovative solutions to meet the demands of our customers' cleanroom requirements. Our initial focus on precision cleaning and passivation led to the creation of cleanrooms on the east and west coast of the United States to meet aggressive deadlines for our aerospace clients. As the demand for rapidly deployable mobile cleanrooms grew, we designed and built the first-ever mobile cleanroom inside an iconic airstream trailer, marking the beginning of our journey as a leader in the cleanroom industry.

Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include a fleet of Mobile Cleanrooms and Biological Safety Labs, launched our Modular Cleanroom Division that specializes in custom cleanrooms with the shortest lead times in the industry, and developed the Instant Cleanroom™, a cutting-edge solution that replaces cumbersome soft-wall cleanrooms. Decades of innovation and continuous improvement have positioned us as a trusted and reliable partner for countless customers.

In today's fast-paced world, where communication, technology, and lead times are nearly instantaneous, we understand that project delays can result in high operating and opportunity costs for businesses. That's why we are committed to providing not only quality products, but also excellence in lead times, finished product quality, and customer service. Our team of experts is dedicated to meeting your specific cleanroom requirements with efficiency and precision, ensuring that your cleanroom is fully operational in record time.

As a stand-alone company, Instant Cleanroom Solutions recognizes that quality is a non-negotiable requirement. We go above and beyond to exceed industry standards and set ourselves apart by delivering outstanding customer service, prompt lead times, and high-quality finished products. With our proven track record of innovation, expertise, and reliability, you can trust Instant Cleanroom Solutions as your partner for all your cleanroom needs.

Experience the Instant Cleanroom Solutions Advantage

Choose Instant Cleanroom Solutions as your trusted cleanroom partner and experience the advantage of our expertise, innovation, and dedication to excellence. Contact us today to discuss your cleanroom requirements and let us help you achieve your cleanroom goals.

Decades of experience in the cleanroom industry, with a history dating back to 1959.
Innovative solutions, including mobile cleanrooms, biological safety labs, and our revolutionary Instant Cleanroom.
Custom cleanrooms with the shortest lead times in the industry through our Modular Cleanroom Division.
Excellence in lead times, finished product quality, and customer service to meet the demands of today's fast-paced business environment.
Proven track record of reliability, expertise, and commitment to quality.
A stand-alone company focused solely on delivering exceptional cleanroom solutions.


The hidden costs and lost opportunities from waiting 9 to 18 months for a cleanroom can drain valuable cash and curve a competitive edge. That's why we deliver high-quality solutions in industry-leading timeframes. Whether it's a high-potential clinical study or a behind-schedule defense satellite, we are committed to supporting our customers to meet their aggressive investor and internal goals.

OUR Mission

Our mission is to empower innovators to achieve their ambitious goals by providing fast and reliable turnkey cleanroom solutions.

We Value

People First

Each person is uniquely gifted and worthy of respect and care. From our employees to our customers, we exist to bring our team fully alive in their unique giftedness and to be a role models in the workplace.


We believe impeccable quality is a minimum requirement and excellence is never optional.


We challenge what is normal and reason from first principles to optimize and engineer the greatest value for our clients. We focus intensely on new ways maximize value for every customer.


Parker Abercrombie

Parker Abercrombie

Director of Project Management