Mobile Cleanrooms

  • 225 - 1000 SQ FT
  • ISO 5 (class 100) to ISO 8 (class 100,000) configurations
  • CFR Title 21 cGMP compliant, EU Grade A, B, C, D compliant
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Mobile cleanrooms are ideal for biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, aerospace and defense companies, or semiconductor manufacturers looking for turnkey laboratory space. Instant Cleanroom Solutions' Mobile Cleanrooms are the perfect solution for companies looking to accelerate their clinical trials, decentralize cell and gene therapy manufacturing, or need a temporary cleanroom space while a more permanent one is under construction. Designed to meet and exceed current GMP requirements, our Mobile Cleanroom rentals compress schedules and accelerate time to market while allowing our clients to focus on their products.

Designed for

Instant Cleanroom Solutions' mobile lab rentals are a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional cleanrooms. Our state-of-the-art mobile laboratories can be deployed within a week for new drug development, cell and gene therapy applications, fill-finish processes, packaging, med-tech assembly, R&D, and countless other applications.

Modifiable Floor Plan

We know that no project is the same. Our open floor plan allows for ultimate flexibility in cleanroom configuration. Let us know if you’d like a sink, eyewash safety shower, fume hood, biological safety cabinet, laminar flow bench, or supply your own equipment for pre-installation.

Mobile clean room - standard anteroom

Standard Anteroom

Our ISO 7 anteroom allows for proper gowning procedures and storage as you require.

10-Ton AC Unit

Our cleanrooms maintain tight creature comfort and process-controlled temperatures. From -20°F to 110°F, you can count on your cleanroom to maintain your desired temperatures with incredible accuracy.


Start the cleanroom rental for the immediate duration you know and extend month to month as you wish. Don’t need it anymore? We’ll come to pick it up. Not ready to give it up? Just let us know how long you would like to keep it.


With over six decades of experience supporting nearly every industry leader in the life science, aerospace, semiconductor, and national labs, our cleanrooms are pre-certified before delivery. Quality is non-negotiable. Our cleanrooms are designed with one of the most durable elements in the world s to withstand harsh cleaning protocols.

Optional Equipment

Talk to our cleanroom experts about adding project- specific equipment like sinks, laminar flow hoods, biological safety cabinets, storage, safety showers, eyewash stations, nitrogen, and other compressed gas, workstations, chairs, fill-finish equipment, etc. Additionally, we are able to integrate project-specific utilities, as requested.

Double-Wide Doors

Our double-wide doors allow for easy equipment installation, from satellites to Biological Safety Cabinets.

On-Site Setup

An ICS team member from one of our 12 locations nationwide will be on-site with you when the cleanroom is delivered to ensure a seamless delivery. Cleanroom installation typically takes 1-2 days. Our semi-trailers have an auto-leveling system to accurately level the cleanroom after arrival or customize the height if you choose to back the cleanroom into a loading dock.

Need Something Else?

If our standard rental fleet does not quite fit your requirements, give us a call. We will design, build and deliver a state-of- the-art cleanroom exactly to your specifications.

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